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Events Outside WSPRA

Listed here are opportunities that we are aware of and that fit our criteria and priorities with outside organizations.

Please note that we have no more information than what is posted by the event organizers. Contact them directly with questions.

  • 1:00 pm CDT: Hosted by #socialschool4edu

    Is X / Twitter still worth your time as a school social media manager? What are your options for the future? With all the recent changes, are there any schools still having success with the platform? If so, what are they doing and what can you learn from them?

    We’ll be digging into all of these questions (and many more!) during a free, live webinar! I’ll outline the current best practices, share what other schools are doing, and open the floor for questions and discussion about X / Twitter. This webinar will be recorded and sent to all who sign up - but plan to attend live so you can join the discussion.

    More information and registration

  • Hosted by Class Intercom

    Focusing on digital content creation across social channels, the annual Content Generation Workshop (CGW) connects students from across the country and delves into a range of topics from engagement to visual branding and from video production to copywriting. It’s a unique opportunity for student content creators to connect, network, and collaborate in real-time. It’s also an important touchpoint for instilling digital responsibility and digital citizenship in today’s content creators. In doing so, we hope to garner even more momentum for our mission to make social media a force for good in learning environments all over the world.

    More information and registration.