WSPRA Building Audit for Schools

How does your school measure up on these important aspects of creating a positive building image? Rate each item below on a scale of 1 to 5 with five points being outstanding, three points being average, and one point being poor.


Curb Appeal and Entrance

  • Are your bulletin boards, signage, and outdoor marquees up-to-date, welcoming, and friendly?
  • Are your grounds neat and attractively landscaped with the lawns mowed and well-maintained?
  • Are the grounds free of litter?
  • Are your playgrounds neat and your playground equipment in good repair?
  • (Elementary)
  • Are your athletic fields and green spaces neat and outdoor equipment in good repair? (Secondary)
  • Is there adequate visitor parking on site?
  • Are there walkways and easy access around the building or to and from the visitor parking lot?
  • Is the main entrance to the school clearly marked and do all entrances provide a positive image that reflects your schools mission and values?
  • Are traffic patterns surrounding your building designed with child safety in mind?

Inside your School:

  • Are entryways warm and inviting?
  • Are there clear welcomes signs with directions to the main office?
  • Are halls and rooms clean and in good repair?
  • Are they colorful and well-decorated?
  • Are students works and accomplishments highlighted on the walls or
  • in display areas?
  • Is the hallway lighting bright and the temperature comfortable?
  • Are public address and bell systems operating at a comfortable decibel level?
  • Are classrooms inviting, interesting places clearly focused on active learning?

Inside the Main Office:

  • Can the Main Office sign be clearly read from a distance and from all directions?
  • Can office personnel easily see visitors as they enter your school?
  • Is the office interior inviting? Is it reflective of a student-centered environment?
  • Are desks and other surfaces that can be viewed by visitors kept neat and organized?
  • Are school and District publications and informational materials clearly displayed and available for visitors to read and obtain?

Making a good first impression can be priceless and although there’s so much more to what happens in your school than how it looks or its “feeling tone,” those things can really make a difference when someone is sizing up your school and trying to decide between this District and another.

Families consider many factors when deciding which school is right for their children — test scores, programs offered, reputation, and the recommendations of their realtor, neighbors, friends, and work colleagues.

For many of them, the only impression they have of your school may be how it looks and what they see when they pass by each day. Create positive “buzz” about your school by ensuring that everyone’s first impression leaves them, well, impressed!

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