Using Social Media to Drive People to Your Website

Using Social Media to Drive People to Your Website

School districts have a lot of important information to share with students, parents and community members. It makes sense to have a district website where you can easily share this information. However, it may not be obvious to users of your website where they can find the information they are most interested in. Also, if your home page is not often updated it may appear to users that your website is rather static.

However, social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to send out links to information on your website.

Delavan-Darien Facebook Link

People tend to visit websites when they are looking for information. Which begs the question, “Will they visit when they don’t know there is information posted that they want?”
Using Twitter and Facebook as a way to share information and drive your stakeholders to your website is a great way to increase website usage, keep people informed (and thereby more satisfied with your district), and improve participation in events/activities.

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