Statewide Communication Survey Results

Statewide Communication Survey Results

Communication Practices Survey Results:

Communications Employee percentages

Percent of districts with a communications employee.

Executive Summary

In response to repeated requests for state-wide data on critical school communications topics, the Wisconsin School Public Relations Association (WSPRA), Cooperative Educational Services Agency 6 (CESA 6), and Wisconsin District Administrators Association (WASDA) joined forces in an unprecedented effort to survey school districts across Wisconsin in May 2013. School Perceptions LLC was hired to conduct a communications practices survey for the specific purpose of discovering how districts are funding and implementing communications efforts as well as understanding their greatest communications challenges. We are very pleased to announce that every single school district responded to our outreach and 100% participation was achieved!

The complete report is now available on each association’s website but a few data highlights include:


Percentage of districts with a communications employee:

Each participant was asked if their district employs a person whose primary responsibility is communications. An overwhelming majority (87%) said “No.” Of the districts that do employ a communications individual (52), only 49% said the position is considered “full-time/ primary responsibility.”

When asked who provides the communications/community relations services for the districts not employing a communications professional, 90% of participants responded the “District Administrator/ Superintendent.”

Average Compensation

Average Compensation


Each district that reported employment of a staffed communications person was asked about compensation, excluding benefits. The majority of respondents indicated compensation ranges from $16- $35 per hour, with 14% over $35 per hour.

Critical Topics

Participants were also asked to rank their most important communication/public relations topics for the coming school year (2013-2014).

The WSPRA Board, CESA 6, and WASDA leadership truly thanks every school district in the state for their participation in the survey. We hope the results help school districts better address their communication needs. The feedback will shape future professional development conferences, services, and available communications resources. The complete survey report is available for review on each research partners’ website.

Who is Communicating

Who is Communicating

Top 10 Communication Priorities

Top 10 Communication Priorities

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