Have social media writer’s block?

School districts have a ton of content to share with their followers on Twitter. A good rule of thumb is that you should be tweeting at least once a day. Yet, there may be days when you are struggling with writer’s block.

So, what can you post? Your options are limitless. But here are a few.

  1. Tweet or retweet a community event.
  2. Retweet something that your followers may find of interest (e.g., an article about teaching and learning, a blog about parent involvement, etc.).
  3. Tweet a twitpic of some fun activities kids are engaged in.
  4. If it is Friday, participate in Follow Friday by including the hashtag #FF in your tweet and then list some of your followers. What a great way to gain exposure for local businesses or organizations.

Sometimes the easiest way to overcome writer’s block is to just read other’s tweets. Without a doubt, someone will have something worth retweeting.

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