Social Media as a teacher retention tool?

When we think about social media, it is often in the context of how do we share our story. How do we connect our districts with our communities?

But Lynne Lancaster, a consultant on generational issues based in Sonoma, Calif., and co-author (with David Stillman) of the upcoming book The M-Factor: How to Turn the Millennial Generation’s Great Expectations into Even Greater Results, wrote a great article about what social media and technology in our workplace will mean when it comes to retaining new, young teachers.

Lancaster writes, “…This is a generation that sees technology not simply as a tool for getting things done, but as the basis for conducting their lives. Blocking Internet or e-mail access, tolerating poor bandwidth, or offering ‘old school’ tools not only frustrates teachers of this age group, it can be a deal breaker…Now the access-to-technology issue has been complicated by the advent of social networking. Websites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn provide Millennials with more than just ways to chat with friends and post photos. They can share ideas and opinions, conduct research, learn best practices and connect with colleagues. To be cut off from these opportunities in a profession that is already somewhat isolating might seem too high a price to pay.”

As you look to develop policy around technology usage and social media networking, Lancaster’s article will definitely give you some common sense suggestions.

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