School Choice and Social Media

Wisconsin’s school choice is often a blessing and a curse for public schools. Having students choice in to your district provides revenue, having them choice out, does not.

School choice also forces districts to wonder why families choose one particular district over another. The choice may have to do with proximity to home or parent’s workplace, athletics, academic offerings, or a district’s reputation.

So where does social media fit in? In a recent blog by Brian Solis,The Myth of Control in Social Media, he argues that in order to manage your brand you need to engaged in social media.

“Without participation, perception and sentiment are free to wander and influence those with whom it touches.

The truth is that in the era of new media, we are all brand managers, responsible for its stature, resonance, and direction. While we may not retain control, we now have the ability to shape and steer impressions, answer questions, solve problems, and engender appreciation. And in the social web, brands are now expected to humanize and connect directly with everyday denizens to convey purpose, establish goodwill, and reassure communities that their voices are heard. It’s not enough to simply give the brand a voice. People align with the people, prowess, and promises they can believe in. We are now expected to breath life and personality into our brand in order for it to earn the attention and interest of those we wish to reach.”

In other words, no matter how hard you market your district through advertising, brochures, etc., in order to both retain and attract students to your district, if you are not listening and responding to what is being said about your district, your efforts might be for naught.

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