Partner org NSPRA has new mobile app

Partner org NSPRA has new mobile app

Download the New Year-Round NSPRA App Today!

Did you know that NSPRA has an app available to download and use with Apple and Android products? If you attended our most recent Seminars in San Diego or Baltimore, you might already have it.

However, we have expanded the app’s features so that it is much more robust and helpful to our members and others year-round. For example, we have added the ability to log in as a member to access the member directory and members-only rates at the online book store and to register for our Nashville Seminar.

A wealth of information is contained in the app for non-members as well, such as a stream of content from our social media sites, blogs, and notifications through the app, and a link to our chapter directories. This way non-members who are interested in learning more and joining their local NSPRA chapters know who to contact.

How to Get Started…

Download the app now with this link, by scanning the QR code below with a QR reader on your mobile device, or search for “NSPRA” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you have downloaded it, you can review the app’s features by swiping left and right on your mobile device, and clicking on the icons.

NSPRA members can sign in to the app to access special members-only content, such as the member directory and LinkedIn group. Sign in using the email address and password youuse to log in to the NSPRA website to access members-only app content. If you don’t remember your log-in information, you can use the password reset link.

Once you are signed in as a member on the app, you will be able to log in to the website to access members only rates when you buy something from the online book store or register for PR Power Hours. This is a process we hope to be streamlined as ParentLink evolves its app’s capabilities in the future.

The NSPRA app features much more content to all users, NSPRA member or not:

  • Top Stories (rotating banner featuring the five most recent stories, pulled from NSPRA’s blogs and social media feeds)
  • Stream (catch up on what you missed, most recent to oldest, from NSPRA’s social media feeds and push notifications)
  • Join Us (a mobile-friendly way to become an NSPRA member)
  • Notifications (push messages and alerts from NSPRA)
  • Book Store (a link to the online book store on NSPRA’s website)
  • Chapter Directory (a directory of all NSPRA Chapters and their officers)
  • Suggestions (send in your suggestions to NSPRA staff about how to improve our profession and our association)
  • Seminar registration (register for NSPRA’s Seminar)
  • News (all content from NSPRA’s social media feeds)
  • Common Core (a link to the Common Core Communication Network)
  • All In for Public Education (a link to the All In for Public Education advocacy page)
  • PR Power Hours (a link to register for and learn more about PR Power Hours)
  • Get Your District App Today (contact ParentLink about getting a district app)
  • Facebook (a link to NSPRA’s Facebook page)
  • Twitter (a link to NSPRA’s Twitter account)
  • Pinterest (a link to NSPRA’s Seminar pinboard)
  • Settings (customize the app to your specifications)

As this July’s Nashville Seminar approaches, the app will contain more helpful info about the Seminar and the resources available to attendees as well as information on the Seminar including the schedule at a glance, hotel information, exhibitor profiles, and more.

Thanks to ParentLink for the development of this app.

As all communication pros understand, apps are evolutionary as changes and improvements will be made within the capacity of our ParentLink platform. Send your thoughts for improvement to or use the “Suggestions” button on the app.

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