The Role of WSPRA Board Members

Individuals who join the WSPRA Board of Directors become part of a volunteer working board. Responsibilities for board members include the following:

  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Participate in meeting discussions and decision making
  • Share background and expertise in determining and implementing WSPRA projects and programs
  • Participate in the WSPRA conference
  • Author articles for WSPRAgram
  • Author articles for  Wisconsin School News
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to learn various WPSRA presentations and to represent WSPRA by giving presentations
  • Make additional presentations as appropriate
  • Provide assistance to school districts in the area of school public relations
  • Assist in growing membership (telephone calls and other activities determined by the Board)
  • Take advantage of other opportunities for which they choose to volunteer


Members who are asked to join the Board to serve as a liaison for another agency or organization are asked to represent that agency or organization by providing insight into its current issues and concerns and by providing a contact to the leadership of that agency.