NSPRA, CoSN have new Digital Accessibility Toolkit

NSPRA, CoSN have new Digital Accessibility Toolkit

Thanks to NSPRA’s working relationship with CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking), the premier professional association for district technology leaders, NSPRA has announced a new resource, Digital Accessibility Toolkit: What Education Leaders Need to Know. NSPRA members have been dealing with the accessibility issue on a number of federal compliance areas for their entire school community.

The CoSN Toolkit:

  • AccessibilityDefines accessibility, including websites, materials, videos, digital textbooks and student or parent portals;
  • Shares why it is important today, including the opportunities and challenges to address this issue;
  • Explains how to procure accessible technology, including by informing web developers and publishers about accessibility needs;
  • Identifies the legal requirements, including accessibility guidance provided by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education; and
  • Describes the benefits of digital accessibility, including student learning and outcomes as well as the overall user experience.

Thanks again to CoSN for sharing this resource with NSPRA. You can find your copy at www.cosn.org/accessibility.

In addition, helpful sessions on accessibility will be offered at the NSPRA Seminar in San Antonio, Texas, this July 2017.

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