Communicating About Internet Safety

Society is bombarded on a regular basis by reports of children who have become victims of Internet predators and the dangers of Internet use.  Lawmakers and enforcers across the nation are taking steps to address these concerns; however, the solution does not stop with these efforts.  According to a recent press release from Wisconsin’s Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, “Although the Department of Justice has continued to strengthen its investigative capacity, Internet safety begins at home. The public education campaign is designed to encourage parents to more actively engage their children and watch their children’s online behavior. The danger of victimization, physical violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and emotional health implications require parents to continue the dialogue with their children and monitor activities both on- and off-line.”

Despite overwhelming evidence about Internet dangers, students and parents often do not realize the implications of their actions, nor do they know the steps necessary to safeguard their families. School districts recognize the need to provide this information to their communities and seek the best resources to use. The Wisconsin School Public Relations Association (WSPRA) provides the following articles, tips, and links to assist districts as they communicate with their students, parents, and communities about Internet issues.



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