Board Policies and School PR

The public schools belong to and derive their strength from the people of the community. For a community to be supportive of its schools, the people must be knowledgeable of the aims and efforts of the District.

Therefore, the Board shall make every effort to:

  • Keep the public informed about the policies, administrative operation, objectives, and educational programs of the schools.

  • Provide the means for furnishing full and accurate information, favorable and unfavorable, together with interpretation and explanation of the school plans and programs.

  • Adhere to a policy of openness and honesty in communicating with citizens, staff, the news media and other organizations.

  • Make available the background material, which is sent to the Board of Education, to the public and news media through the Office of Communication Services; however, this excludes confidential material, to be defined as materials regarding negotiations, sale or purchase of properties, legal matters, and sensitive personnel matters.

  • Establish and support appropriate and effective communication between the administration and other District employees.

  • Have publications prepared as needed to keep citizens informed about educational services, achievements, needs, costs, revenues, and expenditures.

To ensure that citizens and staff have an opportunity to be informed about their schools, the Board establishes an Office of Communication Services which will, among other functions:

  • provide the appropriate liaison services between the District and the news media;

  • support, plan and execute appropriate direct communications between school and home;

  • assess the public’s knowledge and attitudes about the schools, and use this information in planning a communications program;

  • assist in ensuring that communications plans and skills exist in each school and department;

  • assist with the publicity for all District programs as requested.

Source: NSPRA web site: Starting a School PR Program 

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