A Creed for Citizens of a Diverse World

by B. Eugene Griessman, from Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities, Harper Collins College Press, 1993

I believe that diversity is a part of the natural order of things – as natural as the trillion shapes and shades of the flowers of spring or the leaves of autumn. I believe that diversity brings new solutions to an ever-changing environment, and that sameness is not only uninteresting, but limiting.

To deny diversity is to deny life – with all its richness and manifold opportunities. Thus, I affirm my citizenship in a world of diversity, and with it the responsibility to …

  • Be tolerant. Live and let live, understanding that those who cause no harm should not be feared, ridiculed, or harmed – even if they are different.
  • Look for the best in others.
  • Be just in my dealing with poor and rich, weak and strong, and whenever possible, to defend the young, the old, the frail, and the defenseless.
  • Avoid needless conflicts and diversions, but always be willing to change for the better that which can be changed.
  • Seek knowledge in order to know what can be changed, as well as what cannot be changed.
  • Forge alliances with others who love liberty and justice.
  • Be kind, remembering how fragile the human spirit is.
  • Be generous in thought, work and purse.
  • Live the examined life, subjecting my motives and actions to the scrutiny of mind and heart so to rise above prejudice and hatred.
  • Care.


This article was submitted Mabel Schumacher, Ph.D., Retired WSPRA Executive Director, Fort Atkinson

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