The 2017 Fall Conference in Review

The 2017 Fall Conference in Review

WSPRA 2017 Fall Conference

The theme of the 2017 Fall Conference was Relationships Matter!  Improving Student Success through True Engagement.
WSPRA knows the value of relationships. Our organization is based on the valuable relationships we have with each other and the sharing we do to ensure all schools succeed.

IMAGE:Keynote speaker Jason Lauritsen

Keynote speaker Jason Lauritsen

The Keynote Speaker on Thursday was Jason Lauritsen, author of Social Gravity Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships. Jason spoke about the power of relationships in our work, both with employees and district stakeholders.

Jason also led a large group session on Hacking for Innovation and Change. During this hands-on, engaging session, participants gained a deeper understanding for how change and innovation occurs. Participants learned to use a simple process derived from computer hacking to drive change and progress in their work.

Other sessions included case studies on Community Engagement, Building  Trust, Mobilizing your Community to Break Down Barriers, the Power of Parent Ambassadors & Key Communicators, and much more!


NEW in 2017: Pre-Conference Sessions

Wednesday, November 8th
4:30 – 6:30 pm
Cost per session: $40
The Welcome Reception begins at 7:00 pm

Start Making your Website Accessible for All

It is essential that people involved with website development and maintenance understand the importance of accessibility and are aware of the federal standards, particularly Section 508.

Getting the Shot: Engaging Photos for All Platforms & Skill Levels

We know the importance of visual storytelling for our districts. This session covered the basics of composing a great photo regardless of the device, provide tools for photographing children, and knowing when to get help with coverage. places at once.


Thursday Sessions:


Jason Lauritsen, Author and Keynote Speaker


Jason Lauritsen is the author of Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships. On Thursday, Jason will talk about the power of relationships in our work, both with employees and district stakeholders. Jason will also lead a large group session on Hacking for Innovation and Change. During this hands-on session, participants will gain a deeper understanding for how change and innovation occurs.


Breakout Sessions

  • Social Equity: Communicating We Serve All
  • The Power of Parent Ambassadors & Key Communicators
  • Back From The Brink: Rebuilding Community Trust in the Florence County School District


Large Group Session

  • Hacking For Innovation & Change with Jason Lauritsen

Break Out Sessions

  • Lean On Me: The Role Districts Play in Community Support
  • Mobilizing Your Community to Break Down Barriers
  • A Deeper Dive Into Hacking for Innovation

Friday Sessions:


IMAGE: Tere Masiarchin

Tere Masiarchin

Tere Masiarchin, Director, CESA 2 Language and Culture Center


Tere Masiarchin is a highly sought-after consultant in the field of Language and Culture. She guided us in understanding how to best reach out to and connect with diverse families. A panel discussion followed featuring individuals who work with and represent the diverse populations we seek to better understand.

Breakout Sessions

  • We’re Engaged! One District’s Commitment to ACP
  • Engaging Your Community to Live the District Strategic Plan
  • Building Trust Prior to (and beyond) Referendum through Community Engagement

2017 Annual WSPRA Fall Conference Details

November 8-10, 2017

Osthoff Resort, Elkhart Lake, WI
When: November 8-10, 2017
Where: Osthoff Resort, Elkhart Lake Wisconsin

Brochure:Download this year’s brochure.


Click here for conference handouts.

Spectrum Awards

Pics and examples from our spectrum award winners can be found here.

Statewide Communications Survey Results

We’ve got the WSPRA/WASDA Statewide 2017 Communication Practices Survey Results here!